Mathematical Institute Workshop:  Networks and Criminality

The Network and Criminality Workshop will explore the capacity of mathematics and computation to extract insight on network structures relevant to crime, riots, terrorism, etc. It will include presentations on current work (both application-oriented and on methods that can be applied in the future) and active discussion on how to address existing challenges.

Invited speakers (in alphabetical order) are as follows:

Prof. Alex Arenas, Professor of Computer Science & Mathematics, URV,

Prof. Henri Berestycki, Professor of Mathematics, EHESS,

Prof. Andrea Bertozzi, Professor of Mathematics, UCLA,

Dr. Paolo Campana, Research Fellow, Oxford,

Toby Davies, Graduate Student,  UCL,

Dr. Hannah Fry, Lecturer in the mathematics of cities, UCL,

Dr. Yves van Gennip, Lecturer in Mathematics, Nottingham,

Prof. Sandra González-Bailón, Assistant Professor at UPenn,

Prof. Federico Varese, Professor of Criminology, Oxford,


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