The ExLegi institute promotes the study of ways in which economic and social activity may be governed by institutions and structures that are outside the state.

Areas studied by scholars affiliated with the institute include mafias, human trafficking rings, cyber-crime and -security, prison gangs and populations, as well as insurgent groups.ExLEGI aims to provide an intellectual base and focal point for scholars across the social sciences who study extra-legal governance, both in Oxford and in the wider academic community. ExLEGI's activities include:

  • Teaching.  ExLEGI offers teaching through specialised papers within criminology and sociology, supervision for graduate students, and summer schools. See our Teaching section for details.
  • Discussion.  ExLEGI's seminar series hosts speakers on a range of extra-legal governance topics. In addition, special events provide an opportunity for scholars from different disciplines to focus on one topic of common interest. Please see our Events page.
  • Resources. Data and research on extra-legal practices tend to be scarce and difficult to obtain. ExLEGI gathers and organises relevant resources in an archive for scholars, with a list available here. Please contact us to acquire access.

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