Exlegi encourages academics and practitioners to join the Institute for a period of research. The procedures to visit Exlegi does not differ from the ones outlined by our host institution, the Department of Sociology. See: http://www.sociology.ox.ac.uk/people/academics-intending-to-become-a-visitor.html

When you apply, make sure that you indicate your wish to visit Exlegi, discuss in advance your plans with an existing Exlegi Fellow, prepare a short document outlining the reason for visiting the Institute, and indicate clearly the period you intend to visit for. Through the Department of Sociology, Exlegi will be able to provide you with a university card (for access to university premises and the libraries), workspace in the department, IT facilities and support, and general assistance with meeting the department's expectations. We do not provide a salary or other financial payments to visiting academics. Visiting academics and visiting students are normally charged a small fee to cover administrative overheads.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our academic community.

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