The Department of Sociology & the Extra-Legal Governance Institute



Understanding and Responding to Organized Crime


20 February 2015, 13.00-17.45 pm,

Manor Road Building, Seminar Room A



Session 1: 13.00-14.30: Understanding Organized Crime: what it is and what it does


Chair: Professor Julian Roberts, University of Oxford




Professor Federico Varese (University of Oxford): Defining Organized Crime


Professor Edward Kleemans (VU University Amsterdam): Organized Crime, Transit Crime, and Racketeering


Discussant: Professor Peter Reuter (University of Maryland)



Session 2: 14:30-16.00: Responding to Organized Crime: Confiscation of Illegal Assets


Chair: Dr. Paolo Campana, University of Cambridge




Dr Antonio Balsamo (Caltanisetta Tribunal): Asset confiscation in Comparative Perspective


Dr Emanuela Pugliese (Direzione nazionale Antimafia) A new tool to go after criminal assets


Professor Carmelo Provenzano (University of Enna): What happens to firms after their assets have been confiscated?  


Discussant: Johan Boucht (University of Oslo)




Coffee Break 16.00-16.15 pm






Session 3: 16.15-17.45: Comparative perspectives in the fight against organized crimes


Chair: Federico Varese (Oxford University)


Professor Ivan Kleimenov (Department of the Constitutional foundations of Criminal Justice, Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation): Economic crime in Russia: Current Developments and the fight against it


Dr Rebecca Wong (City University of Hong Kong): The fight against trafficking in Hong Kong and China


Discussant: Edward Kleemans (VU University Amsterdam)




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