News on ExLegi Members

(20/2/2014): Federico Varese and Paolo Campana present their work at the second Conference on Mafias organised by Bologna University. More info here (programme in Italian)

(3/2/2013) Federico Varese takes part in a debate organised by CityForum in cooperation with Home Office on cutting serious and organised crime in the UK. More info here

(2/5/13) Federico Varese and Paolo Campana are invited speakers to the International Conference on Organised Crime in Asia (City University, Hong Kong)

(12/12/12) Paolo Campana will be discussing his work on diversification of Mafia activities and chairing a session on Cities and Organised Crime at the 2012 European Forum for Urban Security (Paris, 12-14 December).

(2/10/12) On October 2nd, Paolo Campana will be holding a training workshop at Europol (The Hague) for the analysts involved in the production of the next SOCTA report (Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment)

(27/6/12) - ExLegi is partner in the FIDUCIA Project, a EU-funded research project on New European Crimes and Trust-based Policies. The FIDUCIA website is now live!

(27/6/12) - What did the Camorra look like at the time of Italian unification (1861)? Paolo Campana reviews Marcella Marmo's book The knife and the market in the latest issue of Global Crime.


Relevant Recent Research & Selected Stories

(2/12/13) Nuffield College, University of Oxford: Seminar on "Trafficking and Smuggling: A European Perspective" jointly organised by ExLEGI and EUROJUST. More info here

(1/4/13) Paolo Campana's new article on understanding then responding to organised crime in Europe is now out in Policing.

(27/6/12) Paolo Campana and Federico Varese's journal article entitled "Listening to the Wire: criteria and techniques for the quantitative analysis of phone intercepts" was published in Trends in Organized Crime.

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