Anja Shortland

Dr Anja Shortland is Reader in Political Economy and Director of Postgraduate Research in the Department of Political Economy. Her current research projects are in peace science and the economics of crime. Although largely based on data analysis, her work usually cuts across disciplinary boundaries adopting techniques and insights from sociology, engineering, geography, politics, international relations and economics.Anja was an Engineering and Economics undergraduate at Oxford and then did her Masters and PhD in International Relations at the LSE.

Selected Publications

Shortland, A., Makatsoris, H and Christopoulou, K. (2013): War and Famine, Peace and Light? The Economic Dynamics of Conflict in Somalia, forthcoming in Journal of Peace Research 

Percy S. and Shortland, A. (2013): “The Business of Piracy in Somalia” forthcoming in Journal of Strategic Studies 

Shortland, A. and Percy S. (2013): Governance, Naval Intervention and Piracy in Somalia forthcoming in Peace Economics, Peace Studies and Public Policy  

Percy S. and Shortland, A. (2013): “Five Obstacles to Ending Somali Piracy." Global Policy Vol 4 Issue 1 pp65-72

Fielding, D. and Shortland, A. (2012):  The Dynamics of Terror During The Peruvian Civil War Journal of Peace Research Volume 49 Issue 6 November 2012 pp. 847 - 862. 

Andrianova, S.; Demetriades, P. and Shortland, A (2012): Is State ownership of Banks Really Detrimental for Growth? Economica; Vol 79 Issue 7, pp 449-469

Shortland A. and Vothknecht M. (2011): Combating “Maritime Terrorism” in Somalia; European Journal of Political Economy, Vol 27 S1 pp S133-151

Dasgupta, A. Gonzalez, R and Shortland A (2011): Contagious Currency Crises; Journal of International Money and Finance; Vol 30 pp831-848

Fielding, D. and Shortland, A. (2010): “An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth” - Violence and Counter-insurgency in Egypt, Journal of Peace Research Vol 47, Issue 4 pp 433-447

Fielding, D. and Shortland, A (2009): Does Television Terrify Tourists? The Effect of US Television News on Demand for Tourism in Israel; Journal of Risk and Uncertainty Volume 38, Issue 3, pp 245-263 

Girma, S. and Shortland, A (2008): The Political Economy of Financial Development; Oxford Economic Papers Vol. 60, No. 4, pp 567-596, 

 Andrianova, S.; Demetriades, P. and Shortland, A. (2008): Government Ownership of Banks, Institutions and Financial Development, Journal of Development Economics Volume 85, Issue 1-2, pp 218-252


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