fragment of fresco from Lorenzelli's il boun governo
‘KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!’, 1940s Soviet propaganda poster warning people not to gossip

ExLEGI is the Extra-legal Governance Institute, a unit within the University of Oxford's Social Sciences Division. ExLEGI was founded in 2006 by Professor Diego Gambetta, Dr Heather Hamill, and Professor Federico Varese.

The Extra-Legal Governance Institute promotes the study of ways in which economic and social activity may be governed by institutions and structures that are outside the state.

ExLEGI aims to provide an intellectual base and focal point for scholars across the social sciences who study extra-legal governance, both in Oxford and in the wider academic community. ExLEGI's activities include:

  • Teaching.  ExLEGI offers teaching through specialised papers within criminology and sociology, supervision for graduate students, and summer schools.
  • Discussion.  ExLEGI's seminar series hosts speakers on a range of extra-legal governance topics. In addition, special events provide an opportunity for scholars from different disciplines to focus on one topic of common interest.
  • Resources. Data and research on extra-legal practices tend to be scarce and difficult to obtain. ExLEGI gathers and organises relevant resources in an archive for scholars.


ExLegi News

20-21 February 2014: Federico Varese and Paolo Campana will be presenting their work at the second Conference on Mafias organised by Bologna University. More info here (programme in Italian)


ExLegi News

2 December 2013, Nuffield College, University of Oxford: Seminar on "Trafficking and Smuggling: A European Perspective" jointly organised with EUROJUST. More info here


ExLegi News

Paolo Campana and Federico Varese new article on cooperation among criminals is now out in Rationality & Society. The paper was recently featured in Freakonomics and The Monkey Cage